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Banty Plus

Banty offers a unique service called banty plus.  This platform was created to interact with other popular platforms like Zoom, Goto Meeting, WebEx and more. The enhancement empowers us to turn a regular, “talking head” Zoom-type video into an exciting interactive presentation that enables picture in picture, split screens, multi camera cuts, a blend of video with slides, animations, graphics, music, animated lower thirds text and more.

Banty personal Plan

Make it easy for your friends and family to reach you with your very own Banty Personal video chat room complete with your custom URL.

Banty Personal is for professional people who want to have an easy to use platform to host secure online video conferences without the ads or headaches.

our features

Unlimited group meetings

Have as many online video meetings and conferencing as you want with banty personal. Our intuitive scheduling software also guarantees you’ll never miss a call.

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Automatic email invites

All emails you send out are pre-filled with clear instructions for your customers on how to join your video call. Banty business makes it easy for clients, customers, and internal communications.

HD Audio and Video

See and hear your clients and employees in stunning high-definition video and audio so you can always understand them clearly.

Live streaming

Stream your banty video conferences live on YouTube and attract a wider audience. This feature allows you to have unlimited viewers and lets you transform your meeting into a webinar.

Banty Business Plan

Banty’s business communications solution gives your team the ultimate hub for client meetings and internal communications. Our video conferencing platform allows you to engage in high-quality, reliable, and face to face customer service and is incredibly accessible.

"Our clinic's admin staff can easily schedule medical appointments and send email invites to our patients using banty. I can see the next patient when they're at the door or in the waiting room, which gives me the control to start the next appointment when I'm ready."
ashley lai banty video meeting review
Ashley Lai

Banty Medical Plan

Banty medical is the simple and secure medical video conferencing platform that allows doctors to easily connect with their patients. Create your virtual clinic and start your online practice today. 

"The nice part about banty is that my patients know exactly where they can find me for their virtual medical appointment since the URL always stays the same. We explain how the platform is secure, and patients get to visually see when I’ve locked the room to ensure their privacy."
Laura Rusu banty virtual meeting review
Laura Rusu

Banty Enterprise Plan

Banty enterprise is the solution for connecting large teams and companies using video chat. Our team will develop a completely custom interface that will allow you to seamlessly connect with your colleagues.