Find a plan that’s right for you

Banty provides everything you need to start receiving video calls.



per user/month

Start taking business or personal video calls in a dedicated banty room that’s customized by you.

  • Unlimited group meetings
  • YouTube Live Streaming
  • 1-on-1 product support
  • Dedicated web address
  • 1 License



per 2 users/month
$19.95 CAD per additional user

Empower your entire team to receive video calls in dedicated individual banty rooms. Specify certain teammates to book calls on behalf of others.

  • Role-based permissions
  • Branded corporate page
  • Reputation protection
  • SEO
  • Up to 49 Licenses



per 2 users/month
$19.95 CAD per additional user

Take your brick and mortar clinic virtual: everything you need to open up a virtual examining rooms for your healthcare providers and receptionists.
  • PHIPA Compliance
  • Patient Waiting Room
  • Role-based permissions
  • Reputation protection
  • SEO
  • Up to 49 Licenses



per 25 users/month
$19.95 CAD per additional user

Our team will develop a completely custom interface that will allow you to seamlessly connect with your colleagues. 

  • A completely custom interface developed for your business
  • Custom webRTC Solutions
  • Reputation protection
  • SEO
  • 25+ Licenses

Live Virtual Events

Live productions of interactive presentations, streaming to hundreds of people around the world. Starting at $3500 per event. Full turn key productions.

Unlimited Group Meetings
Available on every browser
HD Audio and Video
Custom banty URL
Polling and Q&A
Automatic email invites
Waiting Room
Live streaming
Watch YouTube Together
Google Calendar integration
Active Speaker View
Manual Override for Video Quality
Noise cancellation
E2E Encryption
Door Lock
Mobile App
Admin Portal
Track speaker activity
Search Engine Optimization
Branded Corporate Page
Role-Based Permissions
Reputation Protection
Completely custom interface
Custom webRTC solutions
PHIPA compliance
Personal Business Medical Enterprise
Personal Business Medical Enterprise

1-on-1 Product Support

Banty’s Canadian based support team is here to help you no matter how comfortable you are with technology. We strive to make technology easy to use, so our team is happy to resolve any issue you run into. Let’s simplify technology together. 

White Glove Implementation

Support for organization setup, including basic customization

One Time Fee
white glove banty video conferencing