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Simple and secure virtual medicine solution available for just $59.95 CAD/month
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Banty medical is the simple and secure medical video conferencing platform that allows doctors to easily connect with their patients.

We believe healthcare should be accessible to everyone, so we made our telemedicine platform incredibly simple so that doctors can safely and easily conduct their appointments in the privacy of banty medical’s virtual treatment rooms. Create your virtual clinic and start your online practice today. 

Banty medical is free for patient-use and is competitively priced for physicians and medical centres compared to other medical video conferencing platforms. With banty medical, you get the quality virtual medicine platform you’re looking for at the low price of $59.95 CAD/month (includes 2 users). 

Doctor and Patient Designed

Dr. Richard Tytus, a director of the Ontario Medical Association, was forced to move many of his patients’ appointments to online video chat platforms due to COVID-19. While using these platforms, he and his patients quickly realized they disliked the available options.

So, he reached out to his patients and fellow doctors who were impacted by clinic closures and created a list of everything they disliked about the six most commonly used video conferencing platforms. They then set out to build a better platform tailor-made for virtual medicine. 

Thus, banty medical was born. The simple and secure virtual medicine solution available for just $59.95 CAD/month (includes 2 users).  

No software is required for patients to join a call on banty medical. Our telemedicine solution can be accessed from any browser available on desktop and laptop computers. We also have a free and easy-to-use app for iOS and Android users so your patients can join their virtual video chat appointments from their mobile devices. Create your virtual clinic today and join the online healthcare revolution. 

includes 2 users

$9.99 CAD per additional user

“On behalf of the Merck team, I wanted to let you know that yesterday’s event was a tremendous success for all. From start to finish, this was the best virtual event I have seen to date. Banty and the Hamilton Academy of Medicine have set the bar for future virtual events. Your team has created the new standard, so congratulations on this amazing event. I am already excited to see what banty will create for when we reconvene in 2022. Thank you, on behalf of the Merck team.”
“Just wanted to congratulate you on the success of Hamilton Academy of Medicine 104th Annual Clinical Day. Although a very different clinic day than years past it was amazing. The content was top-notch and having the pre-recorded presentations was actually better in my opinion. Just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks and well done. Very glad Janssen was able to be a part of the event and we truly appreciate all the work you and your family put into it.”
“Our clinic’s admin staff can easily schedule medical appointments and send email invites to our patients using banty. I can see the next patient when they’re at the door or in the waiting room, which gives me the control to start the next appointment when I’m ready.”

Why banty medical is the virtual medicine solution for you

For just $59.95 CAD/month (includes 2 users), banty medical provides a simple, secure, and completely customizable telemedicine solution your patients will love. Consult the table below to see how banty medical offers more than our competitors at a better price:

PHIPA compliance
Room Lock
Patient Waiting Room
Simple URL
Personalized Meeting Room
Reputation Protection
$59.95 CAD/month

(includes 2 users)

(Not published)

Comparison Created: 11-17-2020


The better approach to telemedicine

Welcome patients into your very own virtual office with banty medical. Connect with patients using your personal web address for video calls and consultations. Eliminate the coldness of traditional online medicine by personalizing your virtual waiting room with a headshot and your name. Introduce yourself before the call even begins.

Banty medical’s personable and warm approach to virtual medical care makes doctors and patients alike more comfortable conducting online appointments.

Step 1

Open your virtual clinic

Choose a dedicated web address where your patients will join you for their virtual appointments. Then invite your colleagues to your brand new virtual telemedicine hub. This address is like your virtual medical office’s phone number and address, so your patients will have no trouble finding you when their scheduled appointment comes around.

banty video conferencing platform

User roles

Just because your office is virtual doesn’t mean there won’t be any administrative tasks to check off. Invite your admin staff as “Coordinators” to schedule video visits for any provider and keep your virtual medicine calendar clean and organized – just like your real life office.


Room branding

Bring the feel of your real-life office into your virtual medical video conferencing hub by displaying your office logo and details to your patients when they join your banty medical video chat or waiting room.


Custom banty URL

Banty medical makes chatting face-to-face with your patients easier than ever before. Choose whichever banty URL you want for your office so your patients know exactly how to connect to their healthcare provider. 


Manual override for video quality

Sometimes a patient’s internet just isn’t fast enough to handle a video call. Thankfully, banty medical allows you to manually override the auto-adjusting bitrate of your calls and avoid choppy video altogether. 


The fastest growing telemedicine platform in Canada

Thanks to the trust bestowed in our platform by doctors across Canada, banty medical is one of the fastest growing virtual medicine video conferencing platforms in the country. Our team has gone to great lengths to ensure banty medical is both PHIPA compliant and our security is industry-leading. 

Banty ios Andriod app

Banty for mobile

The public is welcome to download the banty app to attend meetings free of charge. 

Step 2

Invite patients for a virtual visit (no sign up required!)

Now that banty is branded to your organization, it’s time to schedule some video calls — which only takes seconds, including sending out your email invites.

email heart

Automatic email invites

All emails you send out are pre-filled with clear instructions for your patient on how to join banty’s medical video conferencing platform and chat with you. Banty medical makes it easy for doctors and patients.


Live customer support

The banty team is available and ready to help whenever you need us. We’re happy to help.


Google Calendar integration​

Scheduled visits will appear inside the calendar you already know and use. Organizing medical appointments and consultations shouldn’t be a hassle, so our medical video conferencing platform makes it seamless.

Laura Rusu
Laura Rusu banty medical review

"The nice part about banty is that my patients know exactly where they can find me for their virtual medical appointment since the URL always stays the same. We explain how the platform is secure, and patients get to visually see when I've locked the room to ensure their privacy."

"The nice part about banty is that my patients know exactly where they can find me for their virtual medical appointment since the URL always stays the same. We explain how the platform is secure, and patients get to visually see when I've locked the room to ensure their privacy."

Laura Rusu
Step 3

Experience the future of virtual appointments today

Sign in to your new medical video conferencing platform and video chat your patients in a secure and branded environment.


Waiting room​

Protect the privacy of patients by controlling who enters your room and when they can enter.


Call timer​

To help with documentation, a time starts as soon as your next video visit begins.


Video conferences

Use banty for staff meetings or other video conferences of up to ten others with features like screen sharing and polling.


Last minute guests​

Anyone can join your call, as long as they use the same web address. ​



Record your video call for any reason. Just know that, for privacy, we’ll let everyone know when recording starts and stops.​



Open up a collaborative whiteboard to map out ideas using text, shapes, and freehand drawing.​

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