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Dr. Richard Tytus talks about Banty Video Conferencing with Ted Woloshyn - NEWSTALK 1010 AM Radio

newstalk dr tytus talks about banty video conferencing

Banty Co-founder, Dr. Richard Tytus, is interviewed by local radio host Ted Woloshyn on NEWSTALK 1010.

Dr. Tytus and Ted speak about how banty came to be and how it’s being used by medical clinics and health care providers locally in Mississauga and across the country.

Dr. Tytus also speaks to the challenges of many telemedicine platforms and how banty has been designed to offer an improved experience for both patients and providers.

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Dr. Richard Tytus, a director of the Ontario Medical Association, was forced to move many of his patients’ appointments to online video chat platforms due to COVID-19. While using these platforms, he and his patients quickly realized they disliked the available options.

So, he reached out to his patients and fellow doctors who were impacted by clinic closures and created a list of everything they disliked about the six most commonly used video conferencing platforms. They then set out to build a better platform tailor-made for virtual medicine.

No software is required for patients to join a call on banty medical. Our telemedicine solution can be accessed from any browser available on desktop and laptop computers. We also have a free and easy-to-use app for iOS and Android users so your patients can join their virtual video chat appointments from their mobile devices. Create your virtual clinic today and join the online healthcare revolution.

Thank you to Ted Woloshyn – NEWSTALK 1010 for this interview.

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