Banty Launch at Hamilton Academy of Medicine Event

Countdown to Event


We are proud to announce that we are an official sponsor of The Hamilton Academy of Medicine’s 104th Annual Clinical Day in its first online version. Banty will be officially launched at this event, with a sample of the enhanced video conferencing features, one of the golden stars of Banty. The participants will have the opportunity to enjoy and learn through an enhanced experience of this clinical day. 

The Hamilton Academy of Medicine’s Annual Clinical Day is a well-known tradition designed for family physicians and allied health professionals. Our solutions-focused CME program reviews up-to-date practices in primary care and contemporary challenges in disease prevention and management. The day features 16 mini talks, breakout sessions, and 4 opportunities to participate in a live Q&A Panels.

This accredited, full-day CME event will be completely virtual – bringing together physicians and health care providers across Canada to learn and interact with Nationally acclaimed educators, peers, and partners. Advanced conference technology allows us to capture an expanded audience, secure talks on new and popular topics, and offer highly interactive sessions. 


Doctor & Patient Designed

Dr. Richard Tytus, a director of the Ontario Medical Association, was forced to move many of his patients’ appointments to online video chat platforms due to COVID-19. While using these platforms, he and his patients quickly realized they disliked the available options. So, he reached out to his patients, and fellow doctors impacted by clinic closures and created a list of everything they disliked about the six most commonly used video conferencing platforms. They then set out to build a better platform tailor-made for virtual medicine.  Thus, Banty Medical was born. The secure and straightforward virtual medicine solution. 

Banty Medical

We believe healthcare should be accessible to everyone, so we made our telemedicine platform incredibly simple for doctors and patients so that doctors can safely and efficiently conduct their appointments in the privacy of Banty Medical’s virtual treatment rooms. Banty Medical is free for patient-use and is competitively priced for physicians and medical centres compared to other medical video conferencing platforms. With Banty Medical, you get the quality virtual medicine platform you’re looking for. 

Easy To Use

No software is required for patients to join a call on Banty Medical. Our telemedicine solution can be accessed from any browser available on desktop and laptop computers. We also have a free and easy-to-use app for iOS and Android users so your patients can join their virtual video chat appointments from their mobile devices. Create your virtual clinic today and join the online healthcare revolution. 

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