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Brand your corporate communications and engage in industry-leading reputation protection. Banty Business will keep your brand on everyone’s mind.

Banty’s business communications solution gives your team the ultimate hub for client meetings and internal communications. Our video conferencing platform allows you to engage in high-quality, reliable, and face to face customer service and is incredibly accessible. With no software required for desktop and laptop users, all your team and clients have to do is click your branded Banty Business link and be transported into your business’ custom video chat hub.

Customize your virtual business hub with custom URLs for every video chat room. Video chat rooms with long URLs and a million numbers and letters are boring and do nothing for your business. Simply choose your unique Banty URL, such as, and share the address with your customers so they can easily find you. With Banty Business, your URL is an extension of you.

Small and medium businesses can now collaborate online in a professional manner using Banty Business. With its efficient and user friendly features, Banty Business provides the online and collaborative solutions business owners and employees need. It’s not just a video conferencing platform, Banty Business is a virtual hub that will allow you to run your business online and execute an effective digital presence. For only $19.99/month, 2 users can see the Banty Business difference. Try it free for 14 days today.

$19.99 /month
includes 2 users

$9.99 per additional user

Empower your entire team to receive video calls in dedicated individual Banty rooms. Specify certain teammates to book calls on behalf of others.

Benefits and features

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Automatic Email Invites

All emails you send out are pre-filled with clear instructions for your customers on how to join your video call. Banty Business makes it easy for clients, customers, and internal communications.

Waiting Room

Keep your meetings private by controlling who enters your room and choosing when they can enter. Whoever you aren’t ready to see yet will be sent to your branded waiting room until you unlock your virtual video chat door.

Search Engine Optimization

Make your Banty Business page one of the top search results when current or potential customers search for your company. You don’t want your competitors appearing on that page, so your Banty Business virtual hub gives you another result that pushes them further down the page.

Manual Override for Video Quality

For those times when your client doesn’t have the fastest internet. Banty Business allows you to manually override the auto-adjusting bitrate of your video calls and avoid that laggy and choppy video feed that serves to annoy everyone on the call. Make them smooth and seamless instead.

Role Based Permissions

Allow special access to specific users on your team. Invite your admin staff as ‘Coordinators’ so they can schedule video calls for your clients and customers and ensure you never miss a call. Banty Business brings the feel of your real life office into the online world.

Branded Corporate Page

Add your company’s branding to your meeting rooms and across your virtual business hub. Show your clients and customers they are in the right place with our video chat platform’s custom features.

Aven Tech


Open up a collaborative space so you and your team can map out ideas using text, shapes, images, and freehand drawing. Let’s get creative together.


Custom Banty URL

Choose whichever Banty URL you want for your virtual office so your customers, clients, colleagues, and friends know exactly how to reach you. This URL is the online equivalent of your phone number.

HD Audio and Video

See and hear your clients and employees in stunning high-definition video and audio so you can always understand them clearly.


Google Calendar Integration

Scheduled visits will appear inside the calendar you already know and use. Organizing meetings and keeping a clean calendar shouldn’t be a hassle, so our video conferencing platform makes it simple and easy.

Boost Productivity

Boost Productivity

Whether you’re talking to a client or your own employee, speaking with them face to face is guaranteed to drive more results compared to chatting over email. Close more sales and inspire your team better with Banty Business’ video conferencing.

engage customers

Engage your Customers

Build customer relationships and client trust and loyalty with personalized and branded face-to-face meetings. More customers than ever prefer to meet over video chat, so take advantage before your competitors do.


Reduce Travel Costs

Drastically reduce the money you’ve been spending on travel with Banty Business. Host your virtual meetings, training seminars, and recruiting calls on your new virtual platform instead and use that saved money wherever your business needs it.

Laura Rusu
Laura Rusu

"The nice part about Banty is that my patients know exactly where they can find me for their virtual medical appointment since the URL always stays the same. We explain how the platform is secure, and patients get to visually see when I’ve locked the room to ensure their privacy."

"The nice part about Banty is that my patients know exactly where they can find me for their virtual medical appointment since the URL always stays the same. We explain how the platform is secure, and patients get to visually see when I’ve locked the room to ensure their privacy."

Laura Rusu

Why Banty Business?

The answer is simple. Banty Business is a superior product with better features available at a lower price than our competitors. Features such as custom URLs, SEO, and Reputation Protection are completely unique and cannot be found on any other platform. Set yourself apart from your competitors with Banty Business.

Our business video conferencing platform comes equipped with 2 user permissions, so small teams have no need to pay extra fees. Simply register, choose your custom URL, personalize your room, and then let your customers and clients know where to find you! All of these steps can be completed in less than 10 minutes!

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