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Banty Closes the Gap in Video Conferencing

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New video conferencing platform makes virtual appointments a breeze.

2020 has seen a rise in the use of video conferencing platforms as Canadians across the country have moved to remote working during the pandemic.

As technology continues to evolve, there are ample opportunities to deliver medical care and other services through video conferencing., a new patient-centric video conferencing platform originally created in response to a lack of user-friendly solutions for virtual medicine, allows medical participants to receive video calls and schedule appointments with ease. Unlike other platforms that require an installation of software in order to attend a meeting, banty simply works in your website browser.

“Most video conferencing platforms give you a new link each time an appointment is scheduled,” says Dr. Rick Tytus, Associate Clinical Professor in the Department of Family Medicine at McMaster University and co-founder of banty. “These links are long and impossible to remember, leading to confusion and missed meetings. Banty solves this problem by eliminating the misunderstanding regarding how to join a video call, providing a dedicated URL to each individual physician or business.”

While banty was created with a health-care focus in mind, the platform is useful for businesses across all industries and sectors who are looking to expand their virtual offerings.

The platform is safe and secure, meeting all Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA) privacy legislation. Banty provides end-to-end encryption (E2EE) for 1-to-1 appointments to ensure meetings remain 100 per cent private.

Banty also has a variety of features including screen sharing, polling, YouTube sharing, recording, collaborative whiteboard brainstorming and the ability to add up to 115 participants. Businesses can schedule appointments with ease and organization, sending automatic email invites to participants.

“While the platform was originally created for physicians to host online medical appointments with their patients, we knew this platform would be useful across a multitude of sectors,” says Tytus.

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About Banty

Founded in 2020, banty is a patient-centric video conferencing platform created to empower physicians to integrate virtual medical appointments into their clinics. The platform is accessible on your web browser without the need to download a program and provides users with a dedicated URL that is simple and easy to remember. Banty has everything you need to integrate video visits into your clinic, in order to conveniently meet patient needs successfully.

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