by Pranaav Seruwam

Banty: A Game-Changer in Video Conferencing


COVID-19 has seen an increase in the use of video conferencing platforms such as the Zoom and Microsoft teams, as Canadian businesses have shifted to remote work during the epidemic.

While the corporate and educational sectors benefit from adequate services available to stakeholders, a dedicated video conferencing platform is available for health professionals. is a patient-focused video conferencing platform that allows medical participants to receive video calls from their physician and make relaxed appointments.

Co-founder at McMaster University, Scott Wilson, CEO of Geek Certified and Drs. Rick Titus, Associate Clinical Professor in the Department of Family Medicine, aims to create a platform that addresses the changes consumers wanted to see in traditional healthcare platforms.

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“A common problem with other video conferencing platforms is that every time a different link is sent to a new appointment,” Scott Wilson said. “With multiple links in medical participants’ inboxes, it is common to use the wrong link, which causes confusion between participant and physician. Bunty solves this problem by providing a dedicated URL to each individual physician or business Does. It eliminates any confusion that arises while streamlining the physician-client relationship with efficiency.“

In addition, Banty does not require users to install software on their computers; Links to physician appointments are accessed on the user’s browser. “A common problem we identified is that individuals with access to video calls via work computers are required to download a dedicated software, which is not possible,” says Wilson. With Banty, the patient is simply a physician. Let’s click on the link, and easily be able to join their meeting.“

Banty addresses privacy rules through providing end-to-end encryption for 1-on-1 meetings, to ensure that all meetings are 100% private and secure. “Our platform meets the requirements of the Private Health Information Security Act (PHIPA) to facilitate safe, personal, physician-client appointments by allowing participants in and out of meetings with the click of a button. Could.

While Banty is currently focusing on disrupting the healthcare industry, its founders believe the platform has the potential to make waves in many areas. Banty has integrated a range of features into its platform, including screen sharing, polling, YouTube sharing, recording, collaborative whiteboard brainstorming and the ability to add 115 participants.

Banty has also worked to address bandwidth issues that affect the fluidity of video conferences; The platform allows users to manually override the video quality of their streams, to help users avoid sudden stops and start during calls.

Bunty has already sparked the interest of many private schools within the GTA, an advancement that implements a wide variety of businesses that can benefit Banty’s services. “We believe Banty could be a competitor to zoom into in the future, as we leverage consumer insights to improve our platform,” Wilson says.

As the platform continues to make significant progress, Scott Wilson and Drs. Rick Titus is focusing on prioritizing input from people to make the video conferencing experience more meaningful. “We believe that the human experience is the best for the success of our business,” Wilson says. “We try to talk to people, find out what they want in our platform, and then challenge our team of coders to humanize the experience of video conferencing.”

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Pranaav Seruwam is a Commerce student at Queen’s University, with a keen eye for local business news and developments. Pranaav spent his formative years in Dubai, U.A.E, where he gained unique perspectives that he aims to address through his writing. He currently resides in Oakville, ON, and is a proud graduate of Garth Webb Secondary School.

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